Saga Part 3

April 21, 2009 at 1:00 am (The Saga, Writing Journal) ()

The Minister’s Wife and the Erotic Writer

I started writing the Darkhour Vampire stories for my own pleasure. At their core were my own uncensored erotic fantasies. I held nothing back.

When I finished and re-read them, they seemed really good, too good not to see if I could get them published.

But there was a small problem. At the time I was a minister’s wife. The thought of members of my husband’s congregation reading the books horrified me. It was one thing to fantasize in the privacy of your own bedroom, but to display those fantasies for the whole world to see and to judge you by, that is something else. Yes, I admit I am a bit of a prude, at least on the surface.

So what did I do about the problem? I decided I was too close to the books to judge fairly, so I put them up on the shelf for awhile, turned my attention to another book, this one a fantasy mystery.

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