Saga Part 4

April 22, 2009 at 1:55 am (The Saga, Writing Journal) ()

Becoming a Working Writer

A couple of years go by. My husband lost his ministry and decided he was tried of playing the game of church politics and officially retired, taking a job at the local tribal casino in accounting. Quite a change.

I lost my job and because of the increasing health problems with my back and knees, found it impossible to find another. I went to Voc Rehab for help, telling them I wanted to be a writer. They helped pay for some classes on web design, creating a business plan, and doing business on the web. In doing some research, I discovered the relatively new eBooks and e-publishers. As an experiment, I submitted THE MURDER GAME to an e-publisher. I had originally written THE MURDER GAME on spec for Harlequin, but they rejected it because the hero wasn’t  Harlequin enough. I had then gathered over 40 rejects from agents, before I gave up in frustration. I submitted to book, and within three days, it was accepted for publication and I had a signed contract.

Unfortunately, the company went out of business before the book was published. So I tried again. This time it actually was published, but a couple of months later, the publisher closed its doors without even letting me know.

But it didn’t discourage me. I got busy and finished EYES OF TRUTH and submitted it to Twilight Times Books. Not only was it published as an eBook but in trade paperback. The foreign rights were sold and it was translated and published in Romanian.

I designed some websites to promote my stories. On one of them I downloaded a .pdf copy of an article on murder mystery games I had written for Writer’s Digest. Because of this article,  I was  approached by about creating a murder mystery game for their new site.

My writing career was taking off.

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