Saga Part 6

April 24, 2009 at 1:15 am (The Saga, Writing Journal) ()

Vampire Expert

Current wisdom at the time, 2000,  said an author needed a web presence, in other words a Web page and a domain in their own name. Blogging wasn’t invented yet. They also recommended that you become a recognized expert in your field.

I got my own domain name and created my first website.

But how to become a recognized name, an expert. I developed a college class on eBooks and Internet publishing. I also became an editor for Suite101. My bi-weekly column focused on vampire eBook authors and their books. I interviewed the new vampire authors and reviewed their books. I also wrote articles about the history of vampire literature and how it had developed.  The whole market was expanding rapidly. According to Michele Hauf,  compiler of the Ultimate Vampire List, publication of vampire books jumped from less than 20 a year to over 50 in 2002, the year my vampire novel was published.

The old marketing adage is to provide content, something that people need and can use. So my idea was to promote vampire eBooks. I started a list. – Where to find the best blood sucking fiction on the net.

The list was organized by publisher and included a brief synopsis of the story.

With so many new books, it was a lot of hard work  to keep current. Too much work. Eventually both my Suite101 column and were removed from the net.

I’m very glad to discover that Michele Hauf, who started The Ultimate Vamplist around the same time, has had the staying power. According to the site, she has 4000 books listed, including my own.

The Ultimate Vamplist <>

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