Saga Part 7

April 26, 2009 at 1:16 am (The Saga, Writing Journal) ()

Crash and Burn

In 2002, my daughter and my three-year-old grandson moved in with us, into what had been a cozy two bedroom bungalow. As I wrote in my bio for my first book, ”Linda lives on the beautiful Oregon coast with her husband, four domineering cats, and an office full of dragons.” Although we had no ocean view, we did have a beautiful deck surrounded by woods and when it was quiet, you could hear the waves crashing in the distance.

With my daughter moving in, I lost my office, and became primary babysitter when my daughter went back to work.

From 1998, my health had gradually gotten worse. I slipped getting out of the shower and broke my knee, I got planters fasciitis and couldn’t walk, my chronic back meant I started using a walker. I finally applied for Social Security Disability and was declared legally disabled Jan. 2003. I was dealing with major depression which meant I wasn’t writing.

Because of finances and  my health problems, my husband, I, my daughter, and her soon-to-be-new husband, and grandson decided to move into a large house in the foothills of Willamette Valley near Salem.

Then the government recalled Xanax which had been the one drug I found that helped me move. Later we discovered that the second best choice Celebrix was causing me kidney problems. They dropped all arthritis medication. And within a few months I was in the hospital because it hurt so much that I couldn’t even get out of bed. They put me on the big guns, morphine and percocet.

Morphine and percocet in such high doses cause changes in the mind. Beside my sleeping almost constantly, I lost the ability to think, to fantasize. I couldn’t write. All I focused on was getting to the point where I didn’t need help getting in and out of a chair or up from the toilet. I set a goal of being able to use the walker to enter the birthing center for my granddaughter’s birth July 3, 2006. A goal I reached.

Slowly my health began to improve. My book with Wings ePress was still in print, but the other two weren’t because I hadn’t marketed them. I decided that I would like to republish them and this time do some marketing. So I submitted them to Wings ePress and they were accepted. THE MURDER GAME was published September 2008 and EYES OF TRUTH published January 2009. Once again I was a published writer.

Six years without writing.

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