BAD Challenge

May 2, 2009 at 1:56 pm (The Art of Blogging) ()

May 1st I started taking a class on how to design and run your own Blog Book Tours.To learn more, visit

The first assignment is to blog every day. That’s going to be a hard one.  I am already one day behind. But I’m going to make every effort.

Second assignment is to make a blogroll of other class participants and then visit them daily. It’s called cyber schmoozing. So that’s next on my list of things to do.

Third assignment is to create a 50 word blurp that describes your project, something that you would share in a conversation in an elevator. I’ve been throwing that one around in my mind for about a week now. How do I describe the series? It is so many different things, its complex. Well that is for another post.

Oh, what is a BAD Challenge? I almost didn’t get it, but I think I have. Blog A Day. Am I write Dani?



  1. Helen Ginger said,

    I’m not Dani, but, yes, you have it right – except for the 50 word blurp. It’s a blurb, sometimes referred to as a logline (only a tad longer).

    You’re doing great. Keep it up!


  2. NA Sharpe said,

    The class sounds interesting – should be fun! Can’t wait to hear more about your books.

    NA Sharpe

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