The Art of Blogging

May 6, 2009 at 10:34 am (The Art of Blogging) ()

I spent four hours yesterday working on posts for my new blog and didn’t manage to post one. Why not?

1. Link addiction. Following just one more link. Reading just one more page. Just a little bit more information. On one hand, I now have ideas for several posts, but it also wasted a lot of time.
2. Interruptions. My grandson needed to use the computer to work on his speech. Since he doesn’t often like doing homework, it seemed more important to encourage him than post my blog. Not a very professional attitude.
3. Procrastination. Later, when he was done, I was busy watching TV and just not in the mood.

The decision is yours. Is a blog something you are doing for fun, when you have time, to give yourself the freedom of expression. Or is a blog part of the business of being a writer? Are you going to treat it as a professional?

If I am going to blog every day, then I truly need to treat it as a professional and blog every day. So today, I am taking the easy way and starting a series on what interests me most right now, the art of blogging.



  1. Alexis Grant said,

    Hey… Just read your yahoogroup post. I’m a WordPress fan, so feel free to contact me directly if you need help, especially since most of the class uses blogger.


  2. Patricia Stoltey said,

    This blogging thing is fascinating, isn’t it? And then I picked up a Tweet from Janet Reid about an author’s “Warped Mind” contest and off I went to check that out (when I was supposed to be reading blogs and writing comments). It’s all addicting.


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