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I read a blog about how to write a blog in 20 minutes. After spending four hours recently and still not posting one blog, I think I need to find that article and re-read it. I also know that spending the time looking for the article is definitely wasting time, probably a lot of time. I’m sure I save the link somewhere but where?

So why not write my own post on how to write a blog in 20 minutes.

1. Keep a list of topics handy so that you don’t have to spend time thinking up an idea.
2. Break topics into smaller topics, longer posts into a series of shorter posts. Remember people don’t have a lot of time to read, so shorter is better.
3. Don’t be long winded. That one is hard for me, I write novels, not short stories.
4. Create a formula, a structure. Perhaps every Monday you write about a certain subject or give a quote for the week, or Friday is devoted to author interviews. Develop a pattern or formula to how you write your posts.
5. Set a timer, force yourself to work against the clock. Write for 20 minutes and then stop.

Yep, 20 minutes. Time to stop.

Do you have any other suggestions on ways to cut down the time it takes to write a post?



  1. Jina Bacarr said,

    I also write novels and find it difficult to write short posts. Since I’m writing blog posts through the voice of my character, I approach it as if I’m writing a scene in a play (I’ve had three plays produced) with just enough description to set the stage.

    The hardest part is coming up with the hook for each blog post. Once I do, the words fly across the computer screen. Then comes the revising…


  2. Destineers said,

    I like your advice. This is something I struggle with as well – with my novel everything is plotted out so it is easy to move right along. Deciding what I want to blog about each day also can present a challenge – I like the idea of having a particular schedule for topics. That would probably make things easier for me. Good advice. Great blog.

    NA Sharpe

  3. Patricia Stoltey said,

    I’m still learning the blogging process, so I appreciate good suggestions for making the task more efficient. I keep pads and pens all over the house so I can jot down ideas as they pop into my head. I also plan to write out a few blogs ahead of time, longhand if necessary, to have available for “dry” days. And I like to focus on what is bothering me on any particular day and write an essay about that. Like this morning’s post about not receiving my newspaper on time. By the way, it’s now mid-afternoon and I still don’t have my paper. Sigh.


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