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Elliot Love is a musician and an author. Her Nightbridge series of paranormal romances is available from Wings Press. Recently she shared with me the new cover for her first genuine vampire novel and in a brilliant idea I asked her to be my first Vampire author guest. The first of what I hope many more.

1. Tell us about your vampire novel.

Savvy My Heart …Love Bites is more on the romantic side of Vampirism and has very little violence. I found a unique way to deal with the bad guys which is not graphic at all.

Savvy My Heart - Love Bites by Elliot Love

Savvy My Heart - Love Bites by Elliot Love

My hero, Savion uses the Internet to find his chosen mate. But it’s not what you think. His clever strategy was inspired by my own personal experience and does not involve any type of online chat. My heroine, Summer, is strong with a dark past. Blackmailed into a loveless marriage at the age of 18, she is still a virgin because her wealthy husband is impotent. He needed a wife for social status and holds a secret over her that keeps her bound to him…until Savion swoops in!

Savvy My Heart is highly sensual, with a couple intense love scenes…of course! Not explicit though. I enjoy delicate euphemisms…okay maybe not overly delicate, (she laughs) still I’d have no problems letting my daughter or mother read it. But the “love bites” are so sensual in themselves that the reader will feel as if the characters are making love. I kept to the old fashioned feel of neck biting, yet incorporated my own unique flair. Even still, this holds true to my style of writing. Edgy. A bit hard in places and unpredictable.

This love story is as close to my heart as one gets.

Here is the back cover blurb:

Lock your doors! There’s a new breed of vampire in town. You won’t see them coming. Gorgeous, wealthy men swooping in to steal any woman they choose. There isn’t a thing you can do to stop them. They prowl around in broad daylight or by the dark of the moon…seeking to steal your heart…and your blood!

Never mind the garlic, Holy Water or wooden stakes. These men laugh in the face of death. Your only hope of escape is to stay out of their way and pray the blood-dragon doesn’t cast his eyes upon you!

2. Tell us about you, your work, and where we can find you.

I am 46 with one grown daughter and three toy breed dogs who mean the world to me. Also I’m a Christian. You could say I am eccentric with a dark side (not by choice). Very much to myself. Like my heroine Summer, I am, for the time, trapped in a world that won’t let me go. I dream of my hero (if he exists) sweeping me away from this life of pain.

Nobody knows what really lurks in my mind…not even my husband of 22 years. I learned at an early age that there are places in the heart that must be kept sacred. An oasis in the storm of life that cannot be tainted by those around me.

I write to feel alive. Hoping that there is someone out there for me, like the men I write about.

With that being said, writing is not work to me. Writing is life to me. A place to breathe and allow myself to feel. I have penned six novels since January 2007. My first book came out March 1, 2008 with the others following through September 2009.

I also have a rock song, Rockin’ Angel, that is a collaborate work between me and a British rock band. They found me on Myspace and we became friends. One thing led to another and they offered to do one of my songs. Rockin’ Angel is featured in Night Brigade Flamethrower. I play guitar and write lyrics, but my guitar skills never reached professional level. I’ve always had a deep passion for music and create a unique playlist for each book.

It was only a matter of time before I plunged into writing full blown vampirism. There is so much neck biting in Night Brigade series, one might consider them borderline vamp novels. Especially book five, which comes out in September. Zoe and Sax actually cross the line to taste each other’s blood during one of their ritualistic neck bites.

Savvy My Heart is that plunge. Only in my world of vampires, they aren’t the living dead. I prefer my vampire heroes to be sexy, gorgeous, warm-blooded men who have obtained immortality by other means. Essentially, I’ve created a “new” type of vampire. I think the world is ready for a “new breed”.

I can be found on Myspace at or my website or… my music page where you can hear my song,
I also have a blog spot so I’m all over the place and easy to be found online.

3. You mentioned that you liked good old fashioned vampires. What do you mean? The old fashioned vampire was in the horror genre, the evil fiend to fight and defeat. Or do you mean the romantic seducer, the paranormal romance version of a vampire?

Oh, definitely the romantic seducer! As a kid I could never get enough of those old flicks.

The dark, handsome, vampire who swoops into the woman’s room, she swoons in his arms and he makes his bite look like something every woman wants to experience!

4. What is your favorite Dracula movie? Mine is the one with Frank Langella as Dracula. Or favorite vampire movie?

I cannot recall which movie was my favorite. I loved both Bela Lugosi and Frank Langella. My Mom got me hooked on them. She’s a movie buff and would always watch the Dracula movies when they aired. For some reason the woman’s name was always Lucy, if I remember right. And she always came from a certain bloodline. Those memories are somewhat faded now.

Mostly I recall the bites!

They all had the same “feel” and basically the same plot. Strangely enough, I never tired of it. And when the “mortals” staked my Dracula, I felt a sense of loss.

I’ve never seen Queen of the Damned or Van Helsing…not my taste.
The only modern vampire movie I like is the first Lost Boys. It’s a bit too bloody and violent for my taste, but the seduction is there and the characters are well done. Lost Boys 2 is very brutal, and though I think the head vampire has amazing charisma, the gore ruined the movie for me.

So to satisfy my longing for those old, treasured moments, I created my own stories

5. Vampires have grown in popularity in the last 10 years. Why do you think that vampires are so popular? What intrigues you about them?

Hard question. I believe everyone has their own reason. Some run deeper and darker than others. Perhaps the most prevalent factor among vampire fans can be summed up in one word…seduction.

For me? In addition to the seduction, it’s escapism. I long to be swept away into another world. The mysterious allure eludes my logic so I cannot pinpoint exactly what intrigues me the most. Perhaps the power behind it all.

Think about it. The head vampire is always hot! You have a gorgeous, enchanting man who is immortal and seduces you with a mere touch…or a passionate look from his captivating eyes. Chills run up your spine at the thought. He takes you in his arms, wraps you in a gentle yet dominant embrace, then bites your neck!

He will protect you because you belong to him!

Only for me, my vampire hero better be monogamous because I refuse to share him.

So what better than an alpha male-female vampire duo to rule an island of subordinate vamps? If that alpha male belongs to me…then I’ve found paradise.

Elliot Love’s Savvy My Heart Love Bites will be available in August from .

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