The Darkhour Corporation

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´╗┐Among ourselves we may be known as just Darkhour, but to the real world, we are the Darkhour Corporation, a privately own multinational conglomerate, known world wide, with diverse┬á business interests. Our subsidiaries include a winery, automobile manufacturer, and a security company. But our primary businesses focuses on medical field, including clinics, blood banks, and research into genetics and blood diseases. Like any big business we are about making money for our stockholders, but we are also know for our humanitarian interests in supporting museums, art galleries, and publishing.

We have a long and illustrious history. Our company incorporated in San Francisco, California in 1875. Among the early members of the Board were Sir Edmund Horn, noted scientist of the time, and Don Diego Vallejo, descendant of the early Spanish Dons. The Corporation was very forward thinking, including women on the Board of Directors, in fact the first Chairman of the Board was noted San Francisco business woman, Amanda Dorn.

Who would have thought, vampires incorporated.



  1. Patricia Stoltey said,

    Hi Linda, I typed a nice long comment about my vampire and werewolf phobia and then sent it into the twilight zone, probably where vampires and werewolves lurk. Anyway, I’m not being mean by staying away, it’s just this personal problem with the genre. I get creepy-crawly things happening at the back of my neck when I even think about it.

    I was intrigued, however, by the idea of Vampires, Incorporated. A big organization full of bloodsuckers. Oh, wait, don’t we have those in the world already? Some are called businesses, some are called governments…. lol


  2. Patricia Stoltey said,

    Jina, you’ll have to forgive me for sometimes skipping over your blog. I have this thing about vampires and werewolves — I don’t like them. I’ve given vampires my best shot. Interview With a Vampire was the first. Years later, I tried the next one, The Vampire LeStat? Recently I read The Vampire Shrink so I could do an informed interiew with Lynda Hilburn. It hasn’t worked. I admit to a deep-rooted prejudice against vampires (and yes, werewolves). I hang my head in shame.

    The idea of Vampires, Incorporated is intriguing, however. A vast conglomerate of bloodsuckers. Oh, wait, that already exists. I think it’s called government. lol


  3. Jina Bacarr said,

    Very rich, interesting detail that draws the reader into your world…enjoyed it very much.

    It’s not easy writing backstory–I’m blogging everyday about Weimar Berlin in 1928. You did an amazing job with Darkhour! Looking forward to more…


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