May 18, 2009 at 1:34 am (Writing Journal)

This past week I have done better at keeping up on my class, reading my emails, and blogging. Saturday I devoted to blogging, hoping to get two weeks worth of blogs posted, then if I can keep to the schedule, I won’t have any last minute panics.

I did my first Darkhour post yesterday and it provided my some interesting information. I ended up working on Valentine’s biography, just to answer the question where she was when Darkhour incorporated in 1875. I also journaled her memories of the occurrence. I do find it interesting to write from inside her head.

I also wrote a short, short about how Janos reacts when his mother says she is going to go costumed as a vampire for Halloween. I’m entering it in Belinda’s Halloween blog. Don’t know whether she will use it or not, but I am sure I will some day. It isn’t great writing, but it was fun to do.

But still haven’t been able to carve out time to work on the books yet, hopefully this coming week, because I am catching up a bit.



  1. Destineers said,

    I hear you. It is difficult to come up with time for everything we have to do in our lives, our daily blogs, visiting the other blogs for class, and getting our own writing and marketing done.

    I did the same thing, trying to get a couple blogs ahead, at any rate, so hopefully I can catch up too. For what it is worth, I enjoy the vampire blogs. Keep up the good work.


  2. Patricia Stoltey said,

    Good job to get two weeks ahead on the blogs! That must really take the pressure off. I’m thinking that once the B.A.D. Challenge is done, I’ll blog on weekdays and leave the weekends to plan ahead (for a change).


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