Think ahead, then post

May 19, 2009 at 1:02 am (The Art of Blogging) ()

Five things to think about before beginning your post

1. What are you going to post about? Hopefully you have a list of possible topics to choose from. Describe your topic briefly.

2. What are your key words or tags? These are the words that describe what your post is about. Your theme. By knowing them in advance you can work them into the body of your post, thereby increasing your search engine rating. They also may help you come up with that clever, catchy title.

3. Your title matters! It is what attracts the readers’ attention. A good title can cause a reader to read on. A poor title may mean the reader will skip your post. It is important and well worth spending your time on. It also becomes part of the permalink. So unless you have the ability to customize the link, you want to choose something relatively short as well as memorable.

4. The first sentence must attract the attention. It is also what is used when the article is encapsulated. It needs to be clear and on target.

5. Final sentence is almost as important as the beginning sentence. Often posts go on longer than necessary, rambling because we don’t have a closing. Knowing where you are headed and what will happen when you get there, speeds up the middle.

So following my own advice on this article:
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1st sentence: By taking the time to figure out the key elements of your post, you will decrease writing time, while increasing search engine placement and reader satisfaction. (Ok but too long perhaps.) Five things to think about before beginning your post. (Short, sweet and simple.)

Final sentence: By identifying my topic, tags and key words, I was able to focus on possible titles and well as crafting the first sentence and final sentence. It made a lot easier to write while shortening the time I spent writing this post.



  1. Enid Wilson said,

    I alway write the title and the select the tag last. I think I should work it differently from time to time to see if it’s better. Thanks for the tips.

    Steamy Stories by Enid

  2. Enid Wilson said,

    Great tips, but I suck in planning what to write…

    Steamy Darcy

  3. Jina Bacarr said,

    Super tips on blog writing!! I find that since I’m writing “stories” on my blog, my key words revolve around the hook of the story for the day, e.g., today’s blog is about the occult so I added key words which reflect that.


  4. Patricia Stoltey said,

    Good advice, Linda. I’ve just started the process of writing the blogs ahead of time and scheduling them for future release. The bad thing? I’m not under pressure so I spend more time, edit more, and also end up creating a longer blog. This is not good.


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