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Cheslea Quinn Yarbro

Cheslea Quinn Yarbro

One of the interesting things about vampires is that they live a long time. One author has really made that an important part of her stories.

Chelsea Quinn Yarbro has been writing about the Count Saint-Germain since 1978, well over 20 books, each set in a different time period, going back as far as 2000 BC and up to modern times. Her books are definitely more historical novels than vampire horror books. Even back when vampire novels usually fell into the horror category, her vampire was a kind-hearted gentleman, a true prince among men and vampires.

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  1. Destineers said,

    Vampire lore is so intriguing. I guess it would pair well with historical fiction with such long life spans.

    Nancy, from Just a Thought…

  2. Enid Wilson said,

    That’s a good alternative to sequels. Is her research of different periods very spot on? And does the Count behave very differently in each era?

    In Quest of Theta Magic

    • darkhourvampires said,

      Count Saint Germain remains basically the same creature, but he is very aware of his precarious existence and how he must blend in with his surroundings so as not to attract attention. So in a certain extent he does change. But he is by nature better educated than most around him, a competent business man, a humanitarian. He certainly isn’t the typical vampire, nor the books the typical vampire stories. They are definitely more historical novels and very interesting if you enjoy that kind of book.

  3. Jina Bacarr said,

    These stories sound fascinating!! I love the historical angle. Thank you for posting.


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