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In my stories, Darkhour Corporation owns V. Impaler Wineries, who produce a unique blend of red wine and blood.

In real life I came across a real winery. Vampire Wines – Sip the Blood of the Vine.

From their site:


Recent sightings of vampires off California’s winding Highway 58 have sparked rumors that Paso Robles’ newest winery, Vampire Vineyards, is merely a ploy to mask the nocturnal activities of a group of ancient vampires. Investigations into the winery indicate that the CEO of the winery is actually an attorney with a history of representing unconventional clients, including rock stars, the down and out, and… vampires!

In fact, some say that the abrupt move of the winery from its base in Transylvania to Creston, California only confirms the obvious – that vampires do exist and they’re hiding out in Creston, CA.

Interesting to find a company that actually claims to be run by real vampires.

They sell wine, vodka, energy drinks, and dracola, and Witches Brew Beer. Also vampire movies and vampire gear. They also bought and all its materials, so if you dig deep enough you can find some of the files from that excellent but unfortunately defunct site.



  1. Enid Wilson said,

    LOL, some lawyers can be blood suckers, so very fitting the guy chose the name Vampire Vineyard

    In Quest of Theta Magic

  2. Destineers said,

    That is amazing. Wow.

    Nancy, from Just a Thought…

  3. Jina Bacarr said,

    Very interesting…life imitates art.


    The Berlin Sex Diary of Lady Eve Marlowe

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