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I got to know Michele Hauf years ago. We both had vampire lists and were always comparing notes. Although I stopped keep my list, she kept on and now has over 4000 titles. It is the place to stop when looking for something vampire to read. It truly is THE ULTIMATE VAMP LIST.

1. Tell us about your writing career. In visiting your site, you are a prolific writer, writing some historical, action adventure, and fantasy, but mostly paranormal. How did you come to write about vampires? What was your first vampire novel? Tell us about it?

I started writing in 1990 and haven’t stopped since. My first love has always been Historicals, but lately I seem to be doing a lot of paranormal, eh? I do love paranormals, and if I could write about vampires forever, I probably would. My first published book was a vampire romance, back when no one was really sure what a vampire romance was. Dark Rapture sold in ‘93, and was pubbed in ‘97. I thought I’d written something ‘similar to Anne Rice’ is what I recall writing in the query letter to the editor. Ha! Well, I had high hopes even then. Anyway, it featured a rock star vampire, time travel, pissed-off ghosts, a sexually ambiguous vampire villain, and hmm…I’m sure I even threw the kitchen sink in there somewhere, too.

2. Tell us about your latest vampire novel (which ever one you want to promote, published or soon to be published..)

Hmm, my next series, Wicked Games starts in July with an immortal demon hunter in The Highwayman. He used to ride the highroads in the 18th century (history! Yay!) until he managed to capture a demon shadow within him, which made him immortal, and unable to sleep, eat or…find sexual pleasure, ever since. I know, that’s a real lot of nasty to do to one hero. 🙂 The second book, Moon Kissed will feature some vampires along with werewolves and then the third book, Her Vampire Husband—guess what? Yep, vampires in that one, too. I love vamps. They’re sort of a standard character in my arsenal it seems. I’m actually working on a brand new series right now about angels and demons, and wouldn’t you know, vampires show up in those too.

3. Tell us all the Ultimate VampList.. How long have you been doing it? Why did you start it? What have you learned from it?

I started the VampList in ‘94, as a means to put my list of vampire research books in order, and well, I do like to make lists. It’s grown over the years to over 4000 vampire titles in various genres, such as: Romance, Horror, Mystery, Action/Adventure, Manga, Young Adult, and much more. It’s not meant to be a complete bibliography, but rather a list someone can print up and keep to check off titles, or to discover new titles. It has become an obsession.

What I’ve learned is that romantic vampires are HOT. The number of vampire romances has exploded since the late ‘90s, and it shows little sign of slowing down. And I like that just fine.

4. What trends have you seen develop in vampire literature, and where do you think they are leading? What is the future of vampires? Will they die out in popularity? Are they still growing or is the trend reversing?

It seems the trends are going various ways. The funny vampire. The angsting vampire who doesn’t want to be what he is. The ultra-dark vampire that pushes the boundaries of romance in ways that actually disturbs me, yet fans seem to lick it up like a vamp to a blood spill. And the vampires that don’t necessarily drink from the vein but have other means or methods to satisfy their thirst.

I don’t think vamps will ever become unpopular. They may settle a bit and creep back into their coffins for a while, but you can never put a good vampire down. They’ll always be a fixture in literature. I don’t think the trend is reversing, so much as paranormal is expanding and exploring all the dark corners that had once only been part of the horror genre. Werewolves and demons are hot. Shapeshifters and faeries. And lately, even angels. As long as we don’t run out of creatures, well, heck, even then, someone will make up something new. 😉

5. Is your Wicked Games series in the same Paranormal world as your Bewitch the Dark series, or did you create a new world? What are your vampires and their worlds like? Do the humans know about the mystical creatures or are they still in the dark? Which would you rather write about a world, like Anita Blake and Sookie Stackhouse, where vampires have come out of the closet or the real world inhabited by hidden paranormal creatures or a complete fantasy world?

Wicked Games is the same world at Bewitch the Dark. It’s just a new set of characters, sort of. Actually, my editor asked for a new series name. So there you go. One of the heroes in the new series (Severo in Moon Kissed) popped up a few times in the Bewitch the Dark books. Love that hairy werewolf dude.

The humans and vampires live alongside one another, but humans are blissfully unaware. Most of them. The reason vampire and other paranormal creatures survive so long in the mortal realm is because mortals still believe them fiction, boogie men lurking in the dark, and they intend to keep it that way.

I like that the vamps have to tread the shadows and beware discovery. It adds more mystery and allure.

Michele Hauf is a paranormal romance author.

You can find her at
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  1. Patricia Stoltey said,

    Hi Linda, Just wanted you to know I do check in from time to time. I can’t read much about vampires, especially not just before bedtime, but I know you understand.


  2. Jina Bacarr said,

    Really enjoyed your interview, Michele. Thankz for sharing your expertise. Looking forward to your Wicked Games series. Love your Highwayman– reminds me of the elusive character in the Loreena McKennitt song of the same name from her “Book of Secrets” CD.

    Thankz for posting, Linda.


    The Berlin Sex Diary of Lady Eve Marlowe

  3. michelehauf said,

    Hey, Dottie! I like the idea of veiling and blending as well. My vamps do fit in right alongside the average human. THey can’t even recognize another vampire without actually touching them and then they feel ‘the shimmer’. My vamps do enthrall or use persuasion to make a person forget them after they’ve bitten them. Because once you’ve been bitten, well then, you pretty much BELIEVE in vamps. 😉

  4. Dottie Taylor said,

    Hi Michele!

    Great interview! I love the whole secret world within the realm of humanity who think that vampires, shifters, magic are all just legends of old. So oblivious to the existence of others, kind of like life snobs. It never occurs to humans to think that others may actually exist. My question is do vampires blend that well or do they veil their existence or use a combination of both? I personally like the idea of fooling humans with using a combination of blending and veiling. But with that thought would vampires to have some use of magic to veil? Just being curious and pondering….

    Dottie 🙂

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