May 31, 2009 at 1:48 am (Writing Journal)

For the past month, I have taken on the BAD challenge writing a blog a day. While I didn’t quite manage everyday, IĀ  came close. But it was rather taxing since besides Darkhour Vampires, I blog on three other sites, as well as networking on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter just to mention a few. The BAD challenge was part of the Blog Book Tour class that I am taking, but starting tomorrow, we can cut back to two or three posts a week if we want. I really thought about it and since I have yet to find a balance where I can find time to work on my novels and do all the other things such as blog and Twitter, I decided I need to cut back. So what do I leave out? I like everything I have been doing.

So what is Darkhour Vampire Blog’s purpose, its goals? First, I want to journal, a personal log where I can share with my readers my progress and my achievements and my failures as I work to finish and publish the series of Darkhour books. Second, I want to share interesting information about the world of Darkhour Vampires including Prane and Valentine’s journals so readers get an inside picture and hopefully get interested in the series. Third, I want to recycle and expand on articles that I wrote for Suite 101 about vampire literature and various other topicsĀ  related to vampires. I’ve started a series on Classical Vampire Literature and I definitely want to finish it. Finally, I want to visit interesting vampire websites, interview authors, and recommend books. So I have decided to combine several of the topics.

So here is my new schedule.

Mon: Darkhour Vampires

Wed: Vampires Around the World
Currently Classical Vampire Literature

Fri: Guests, Sites, or Books

Sun: Journal

My ongoing series the Art of Blogging will continue at

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