“I don’t like vampires,” she said.

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Patricia Stoltey

Patricia Stoltey

Linda Suzane

Linda Suzane

Patricia Stoltey made a comment that she didn’t like vampires or werewolves, and I said I’d be interesting in finding out why. So though neither one of us had done much chatting, we managed to connect. This turned out to be a long chat, so I broke it into two parts. Second part, next week, June 12, 2009.

—– Our chat on Mon, 6/1/09 4:35 PM —–

Linda: Patricia are you there?

Patricia Stoltey: Well, amazing. Yes, I’m here. This is the first time I’ve used this little thingie.

Linda: So what do we want to chat about?

Patricia Stoltey: I want to tell you why I don’t love vampires and werewolves, which should never reflect on the authors.

Linda: I’ve had several people read my book and say basically the same thing. They don’t usually like vampires or werewolves, but they liked my book.

Patricia Stoltey: I felt the same way about Lynda Hilburn’s “The Vampire Shrink” – – well written, good story line…but oh so creepy. Lynda herself is a delightful person.

Linda: So the big question is why don’t you like vampires and werewolves?

Patricia Stoltey: Werewolves first – – when I was a kid, I stayed at a friend’s house and looked through their collection of National Geographics. An article on werewolves caught my attention, I read too much and the pictures were graphic. Nightmares that night!

Linda: That would do it.

Patricia Stoltey: Kids are so susceptible to frightening images, and sometimes they stay with us forever.

Linda: Yep, I had one from a science fiction movie that haunted me for years, every time I saw a round storage tank I would get really scared.

Patricia Stoltey: So you have this fear of round storage tanks today?

Linda: The guy came down the stairs dripping from green goo (even though it was a black and white movie I saw it green) I ran in terror. I was only 10 and it haunted me until I was 17 or 18 and finally saw the movie and realized just how hokey a movie it was.

Patricia Stoltey: I don’t watch many scary monster movies of any kind. My dad took us to double features at the drive in so I was terrorized by The Thing and The Creature from the Black Lagoon types of flics

Linda: So no werewolf movies?

Patricia Stoltey: Never! I get scared even looking at previews for that Jack Nicholson movie.

Linda: Yep! I’m not into scary movies, although 75% of vampire movies I don’t classify as scary. Have you seen “Twilight?”

Patricia Stoltey: Now that’s where we differ. Even the thought of vampires gives me the creeps. Haven’t seen “Twilight,” and probably won’t.

Linda: So you were scared by werewolves, why not like vampires?

Coming next week, June 12, 2009, why she doesn’t like vampires.

Patricia Stoltey is a mystery writer. Her latest THE DESERT HEDGE MURDERS will be available in August 2009 from Five Star. It is the second in the Sylvia and Willie mystery series. The first is THE PRAIRIE GRASS MURDERS. We are members of an online class, Blog Book Tours.

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  1. Patricia Stoltey said,

    Just dropped in to see what you were writing about today and it was me! Our chat was a lot of fun. Thanks for doing this.


  2. Galen Kindley said,

    This post represents outside the box thinking. I like the concept very much. Good job to you both on executing this.

    As to Vamps and WW. Hmmm. I gotta confess, I’ve never really read a book featuring either. What does that say about me? I know Vamps do sell…a bunch! Nonetheless, I’m not put-off by either, just kinda under exposed. I did see Twilight, and was mildly entertained. I might have liked it more, but my daughter had raved and raved about it, so, my expectations were pretty high. Hard for any reality to keep up.

    Best Regards, Galen.

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