Some Fun

June 12, 2009 at 1:54 am (Guests, Sites, or Books, Vampire Blogs and Webs)

I spent some time on Google looking at vampire sites for something interesting to share here today. I added to the links list under Handy Resources a bunch of links to sites with lots of information about vampires.

But interesting and different sites, there weren’t very many.

The first was a video, actually it is a 9 hour movie, INTERVIEW WITH AN EX-VAMPIRE. – A real live vampire. Maybe.

Then I cam across a serious article exploring vampires and vampirism, especially as it relates to energy. Again real live vampires. I found the article interesting.

Just for fun, check out the Vampire Name Generator

But DO NOT take the test to find out if you are a vampire or which Twilight Vampire you are at They keep bleeding you for personal information and commitments to buy stuff.

Finally I found and their discussion of The Evolution of Vampires in Popular Culture. Funny and insightful, worth scanning.

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