June 12, 2009 at 12:27 pm (Writing Journal) ()

As I was reading Chester Campbell’s blog today called The Odyssey Project about where authors get their ideas, I kept wanting to add comments to what he said. In this scientific project, authors were studied to find out where we come up with our ideas.

I have a unique perspective because I am a handicapped writer.

Chester says: Authors’ pharmacy records were surreptitiously gathered to determine the possible effects of prescription drugs on fertile minds.

Yes, drugs to affect the mind. The pain relief I feel is at the cost of  no longer being able to fantasize. I no longer dream.

Chester said: Their final report was brief but concise. “These people who call themselves authors are nuts. They have no clue where this stuff comes from, and neither do we.”

But I do have a clue.  Because I no longer conscious  create, I have learned to rely on my subconscious.

Today I was writing a new scene for my book Revenge. Thom is trying to find Donovan. It is a simple scene and suddenly out of nowhere I found myself writing about the Incident Room, which resembles the NASA control center, where the vampires monitor what is happening, looking for signs of newborn vampires. It is a brilliant idea but I had no idea of writing about it. It came from my subconscious and I rejoice in the gift.

For me writing is full of these unexpected surprises. It makes it difficult, but it also makes it exciting.

Yesterday and today I managed 6 hours on my story. Wow, I am actually making progress.


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