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Friday, instead of writing, I spent the afternoon visiting Doctors. Learned that my second mammogram shows no signs of cancer and that I officially have severe carpal tunnel in my right hand and the recommendation is  surgery. At least go see the surgeon. What bothers me is that they don’t seem to be prepare to do any treatment except surgery. They seem to have no non-surgical methods, except sleep with wrist braces. I’ve done that for years. I also have sleep apnea so I wear a CPap mask, and end up looking like a space alien warrior when I go to bed.

I’m not keen on surgery, and I wasn’t keen the last time they diagnosed carpal tunnel and suggested surgery. That was 1985. Maybe I can find some alternatives this time too.

But after a long afternoon in waiting rooms, my husband took me to dinner at Marie Calendars. I enjoyed the meal (ribs, shrimps, bacon and cheese mashed potatoes.) Too full for pie. But they were having a special, so we brought home pie.

Then we decided to go see the new Star Trek movie. I enjoyed it and was glad we had gone. But afterward raised the issue of whether or not they would be able to do a sequel. I want to say, the movie sucked me in and definitely held my attention. It is only on later reflection that I found myself finding it wanting. First, it was not what I call a “Star Trek” story. It is hard to explain, but Star Trek stories had something unique about them, the fact that they tackled social issues, that they gave us hope for the future. That was missing from the script. Second, they ended up with caricatures of the characters and unfortunately the actors didn’t have the charisma to make me like them enough to want to come back and see them in another story. Although they certainly opened up the possibility for new and interesting future stories. The story concept was pretty brilliant. Not to give anything away for you that have yet to see it. As a long time Star Trek fan, I think you probably will want to see the movie and I don’t think that you will be disappointed. I wasn’t. But it just isn’t strong enough to support a sequel. But who knows, they might get the chance anyway to develop it. If it was the start of a new TV series, I might be interested in watching it, but big screen movie, I’m not sure.

Anyway, I have been at the computer for almost 12 hours and frankly I am bushed. I didn’t finish my blogging, so it will be a long day tomorrow. But at least I have something to post for my Sunday journal entry.

P.S. I was twittering and checked what others had to say about Star Trek. I recommend Passing the Phaser: 10 Tips for turing your kids into Trekkies You are sure to laugh.


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  1. Patricia Stoltey said,

    I sympathize with that carpal tunnel problem. I’ve never had surgery recommended, but I wear a brace every night and get an annoying numb thumb if I keep my hand on the mouse too long. I wonder if acupuncture works for carpal tunnel.

    Haven’t seen the Star Trek movie yet, but it’s on my list. Probably will have to watch it on DVD someday if I ever get caught up on all my chores.

    Take care,

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