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Linda Suzane

Linda Suzane

I have loved vampires for years. The Darkhour Vampires Saga came out of a short story about a mother of two typical teenagers, who just happens to be a vampire. Written at a time when my own daughter was a teenager, it reflects some of my own frustrations. Later a character from that original story demanded  I tell how he was first bitten, literally taking over my life until I had the rough draft of five books. Now I am working on completing the Saga. I will be sharing with you the Darkhour Vampires and my own love for vampire literature of all kinds. I hope you will join me, Linda Suzane or  Vampire Oma (Oma means grandmother).

I have two grandchildren, neither one old enough yet to read my somewhat erotic vampire stories, but someday I hope they will think it is cool to have a Grandmother who writes about vampires.

Where can you find me?

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www.LindaSuzane.comMy official homepage

www.DarkhourVampires.comWhere you can find more about Darkhour Vampires.

www.MidnightBlood.comBook reviews, mysteries, and vampires.

www.PlayMurder.comMy murder mystery THE MURDER GAME and information about murder mystery games.

www.Host-Party.comMy murder mystery Killer International Games available from the largest murder mystery game company online.

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I host a murder mystery site On Wings of Murder weekly highlighting different mystery authors and their books.

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