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Cassandra is one of the villains of Darkhour Vampires.

Cassandra is a mulatto slave that could pass for white. She was bought as a young girl of 13 to be the mistress, love slave of a sadistic vampire, Brandon. A gambler who used her as bait. Often she would play poker, with only her clothes to bet, losing slowly, clothed only in her wonderful long, black hair. The players would be so eager to win her for the night, they would end up losing to Brandon. After the Civil War, Brandon fell in with the wrong group. They learned his secret and killed him. They kept Cassandra. She kills herself in the hope that she will cross over and become a vampire. She has her revenge. When Donovan finds her after the war, she is killing union soldiers and Northerners. She is out of control. Donovan is attracted to her aloneness and her pain. He thinks she is like him. They become lovers. He tries to teach her as Amanda has taught him.

To escape the horrors of the south during the reconstruction, he takes Cassandra to San Francisco. Cassandra is insanely jealous of Amanda. Amanda tries to warn Donovan, but he doesn’t want to listen. It is at Donovan suggestion that Cassandra becomes one of the Charter members of Darkhour Corporation. But the situation between Cassandra and Amanda remains tense.

Donovan borrows from Amanda so that he can take Cassandra away. They travel to Europe. He wants to learn more than he knows now. He has reached his second life. He is 50 years old. The world is changing. Cassandra is young, pouty, with a great sexual appetite. Because he treats her with kindness, she does not respect him. As they travel through Europe, they begin to argue more and more. Cassandra becomes the root of Donovan’s later interest in psychology.Eventually in London, Cassandra finds another vampire, Sir Alfred, more like her original master. In a sense she wants Donovan to save her from herself, but he is sickened by her and lets her go. She ends up blaming him for abandoning her.

1907, Sir Alfred is dead, and Cassandra begs Donovan for help. She returns to California House. She is one of the bood mothers for Valentine’s offspring, Stefan. She convinces Stefan to abandon Valentine, to become her fledgling. They travel through Europe, even become part of Hitler’s entourage. Stefan and Cassandra try to convince the vampires to side with Hitler, but they are opposed by Amanda and Valentine.

In 1935, Donovan and Amanda have adopted a child Claire. They are living in Oregon, he has started his clinic.  Cassandra arranges for the murder  Amanda and Claire. She hopes to take over Amanda’s place in Donovan’s heart and Darkhour politics, but suspicious, Donovan hunts down the assassins and learns Cassandra’s role. As a site, she can’t be killed so she is  sentenced to an isolate lair in the Oregon mountains, where almost 50 years later, she  comes across a young boy, Wade Kain. She brings him back to her lair as her sexual play toy.

When a girl is kidnapped from Portland, and the picture is of Cassandra’s servant, Stanos, Donovan decides to investigate what Cassandra has been up to. Afraid he will report her crimes to the Board, she takes Donovan prisoner. Wade and Donovan must work together to try to escape before Cassandra kills them both.



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Wade and Prane

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Today I thought I would introduce you to the two major characters in the Darkhour Series, Mignon, who is later called Prane Emerson, and Wade Kain.

When Mignon graduated from high school, her so-called father took her to California House. He didn’t give her a choice, he raped her, then made her a vampire. He bound her with marriage vows to Stefan, an abusive vampire. She and her companion tried to run away, but she was dragged back, forced to kill the mother of a newborn baby and steal her child. So begins Mignon’s story.

Mignon is attractive, chestnut brown hair, ice blue eyes.

Vampires were the last thing that Wade Kain and his two friends expected when they went camping in the Oregon woods to celebrate his 18th birthday. After killing his friends, the beautiful, but sadistic vampire Cassandra brought Wade into the world of Darkhour Vampires, a world of bondage and submission, of blood, sex, and death. The only one who might keep Wade from becoming a vampire is Donovan, whom Cassandra has waited 100 years to destroy.

Wade is very attractive, dark full hair, soft and shiny, big, dark bedroom eyes, rather like a young Elvis Presley or Frank Langella, sensuous mouth.

They first appeared in my short story “Mother’s Love.” When I began writing about Prane, she was sort of my alter ego. An ordinary mother of two teenagers who also happen to be a vampire, a secret she would do anything to keep her children from learning. At the time, I had a teenage daughter in the rebellious stage and the idea of being strong and powerful, with the power to control minds, certainly appealed to me.

She meets Wade Kain at the scene of a murder. He was the cop that questioned her. He reacted strangely to her and didn’t understand why, but something about her bothered him deeply.

The reader knows that he was bitten by a vampire, but not how or why. It was some years later that Wade demanded that I tell the story of how he was first bitten. And so the story of Cassandra and Donovan and Wade unfolded.

But Prane took on her own existence as well. She is hiding from her vampire husband, trying to protect her children from being forced to become vampires. Soon I was telling the story of why and how she and the children escaped and how she changed from Mignon to Prane.

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