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This past week, I lost 4 days due to flu, cold and hot spells, spending the day shivering and sweating and staring at the TV trying to ignore the roiling stomach. Thursday I finally went to the doctor. She said I obviously have something, probably a viral infection, but what she can’t tell. Call her if I don’t get better. Maybe it was just the finally taking action, getting out of the house, but I did start to feel better. Then Friday, spent half a day going to the coast for dinner and a show with my husband. We went to see the Smothers’ Brothers. What a treat. What a great show, bringing back great memories. Amazing how many of the old routines my husband and I could remember and recite, but the show wasn’t just old stuff, there was plenty new as well. I was sorry I didn’t think to invite my son-in-law, he would have enjoyed the comedy and my daughter definitely the music. But as my husband said, it wouldn’t have been as special as it was to us and all the other grey haired, wrinkled, bespectaled audience. For their age (70) the Smothers Brothers look great, more like 50, and definitely didn’t act their age. In my husband and my life time, we have had the opportunity to see Bob Hope, Bill Cosby (got to go back stage to meet him), and now the Smothers Bros. That’s quite a line up.

Friday, after dinner, we had some time to kill and we parked overlooking the ocean and my husband took a nap and I started working on my story. I have discovered that sitting in the car, overlooking some nature spot, with the peace and the quiet, is very conducive to brainstorming, thinking things through. I was able to begin to plot what sort of experiments Sir Edmund would want to do to prove his theories about vampirism being genetic and his plan to stop the fatal flaw of line stability, when the sire dies, so do all the offspring, get. It was his idea to create the Second Generation, to have five sires, then all five would have to die before you would die.

When we got home, I was still wired, realized that I had drunk coffee so watched TV and continued to work on outlining what Sir Edmund would have done to prove his theories and how he would treat his slaves as ginuea pigs. I’m sure that it is a scandal that Thom could uncover and would definitely be shocked by.

But I didn’t go to bed until 4 AM and though I slept in, I kept falling asleep at the computer, so finally went and took a long nap. I accomplished a bit more, updating the timeline and the storyline, but as I said, I kept falling asleep so the day was basically wasted.

So today, I was well behind. It took me hours to catch up on Blog Book Tour emails, then I have to post to all my blogs. I’ve been working since 7 AM and it is now 8:30 PM, took about an hour break for lunch, but I’ve been working hard. The one thing I know is it always takes a lot longer than you think it wil. Like this short post, has taken me 40 minutes to write.

I hope this week that I can keep to the schedule and get more done.

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