Favorite Dracula

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Frank Langella as Dracula

Frank Langella as Dracula

My favorite Dracula movie is the Frank Langella version. I found he played an absolutely dreamy, sexy, seductive Dracula, far beyond the other Draculas. This is the Dracula for women, romantic rather than horror. Every woman desires to be Lucy, who Dracula seems to covet, perhaps actually love, rather than Mina who is just vamp food. Dracula seduces Lucy gently and lovingly, so that you ending up hoping that this time that things will be different and there will be a happy ever after.

But that seems almost a sin, a corruption of the original book, but I can’t name another vampire novel that is truly faithful to the book.

Released in 1979, director, John Badham, Cast included Frank Langella as Dracula, Kate Nelligan as Lucy, Laurence Olivier as Van Helsing.


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Valentine says

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See what Valentine Dubree has to say in her journal about the Darkhour Corporation. http://darkhourvampire.livejournal.com/1558.html

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Dear Journal,

My first entry in what I am calling my writing journal. Here I plan to keep track of my halting progress as I stumble towards my goal of finishing and publishing all five  books of the Darkhour Vampire Saga.

I just finished reviewing book five and here is where I am at the moment.

CAPTIVITY is published. This is the story of how Wade was first bitten when he was 18. It also introduced Thom, a fledgling vampire, and his sire, Valentine, as well as Dr. Donovan Reed, a vampire hunter and psychiatrist.

FREEDOM is about Prane or Mignon as she was then called. Her husband Stefan and her so-called father Maxmilian force her to kill two mothers and steal their children. The experience almost destroys Mignon, but Donovan, Valentine, and Thom befriend her. In the end, Mignon and her companion, Barb, flee Stefan, going into hiding to protect the children. When I re-read the story, I was surprised. I had thought it need a lot more work, but it is really very close to being finished, just needs that final close inspection and a couple of critical scenes. Unfortunately, I’ve lost my notes on what scenes and I don’t know if I added them or not. I’ve tried re-reading the ending several times, hoping to trigger a memory, but so far no such luck, which means I will have to read the whole book again.

SACRIFICE is the original short story. It takes place about 15 years after the first two. Mignon, now called Prane, is living in Salem Oregon with her two teenagers. She witnesses a murder and the killer sees her “fang out”, To protect her secret she must find gunman before the police. I needed to expand the story to make it a full length novel, so I added a second witness, a real bad guy, who kidnaps the kids, and brings Wade, Donovan, and Prane together.  The problem is that it feels like two different stories  stuck together. One has sex and the other doesn’t. It feels like the sex part is gratuitous. So this time when I revised it, I toned down and eliminated much of the sex. I don’t know whether it worked or not, I need to gain some distance before I can say. But how will that work, one book in the middle of the series that doesn’t have a lot of sex, while the rest do?

The fourth book, REVENGE,  is the last one I worked on  and the one I didn’t finish. It tells the story of how Cassandra returns seeking revenge, kidnaping first Donovan and then Wade. Prane and her son Janos  come to the rescue. I have outlined the whole story, so now basically I need to fill in the blanks. But it’s got a lot of blanks.

In the fifth book, AWAKENING, Prane’s husband, Stefan, returns, kills Wade and turns him into a vampire. He uses Wade’s love of Prane to force Wade into cooperating with his diabolical plans. Donovan is desperate to find them because he is sure that when Stefan is through with Wade, he will kill both Wade and Prane.

This story still grabs me and won’t let me go. It is definitely erotic and dramatic. The problem is that it was  written first and lots has been added since then. Some are easy fixes like the name change from family to Darkhour, family home to the California House. I didn’t even mention Thom and Valentine, who are important characters. A major revision is  required, or rather major additions. I need to continue Thom and Valentine’s story.

But I’m blocked. I just can’t figure out what happened in the last 15 years, what has Thom and Valentine been doing all this time? How can they be involved in the last two books?

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