Vampire Literature

Vampire books have changed dramatically. A few years ago, no one had heard the term Urban Fantasy. Before 2000, maybe 10 or 15 books about vampires were published a year, that has grown dramatically to hundreds. Early vampires were always the villains, now they are often the heroes.

If you are interested in Vampire literature check out the following articles:

Before Dracula

  1. The Original Source
    Where did the word vampire come from.
  2. Der Vampire
    The first vampire poem.
  3. Wake Not the Dead
    The first vampire story.
  4. Enter the Count, Sorry Enter Lord Byron
    How Lord Bryon became involved.
  5. Lord Ruthven
    The first English vampire story.
  6. Varney the Vampyre – Part 1
    Penny Dreadful – Vampire’s first soap opera.
  7. Varney the Vampyre – Part 2
    An excerpt.
  8. Varney the Vampyre – Part 3
    A look at Victorian morals and Varney.

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